While making a game, designers have to think of a wide variety of different elements that will create a new, fun experience for the players. This review will consist of the various elements in Hatred that make some of it intriguing and a lot of it mundane.

Let’s talk visuals. Although there are successful games like Limbo to justify a monotonous visual style, other reviews have commented on the “bland” mainly monochrome elements of the game. The occasional explosions and bursts of light were appealing for brief moments before returning to the omnipotent amounts of black, grays and whites. Now the visual elements not only affect gameplay and feeling, they can take away from the story as well.

Speaking of the story, this game hasn’t particularly brought anything new in terms of story line. Players are then not able to fully immerse themselves and get involved with the characters with a need to finish the game. Game reviewer John Walker comments that, “It so widely misses everything that would have made such a game even notionally controversial, by accidentally making its game like every other” as such, the lack of diversity in its very own story line distances the players desire to finish the story.

Although the game lacked story and visual elements, there were factors in the game that did seem to impress a few. David Jenkins a journalist for Metro news indicated the pros of the game are “Except for… driving the controls are pretty good, and the amount of destructible scenery is impressive.” So while creating a seemingly terrible game the creators at least input factors such as game mechanics.

Hatred (PC) - the flamethrower does look pretty cool

Described as fundamentally flawed from the beginnings by some of the reviewers mentioned previously, Hatred can be known as a failed game. With tweaks to the story’s concept and some gameplay elements like weak AI’s the game may have become slightly more successful. If the game had upgraded these elements there would have been more of an experience in the game and overall more fun. Therefore, as stated the game Hatred wasn’t the best it could be.